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There is an error message. What should I do?

If you see an error message on your screen when trying to play or cast a title, please report this to

Please include the following information with your email, which will help us establish whether this is a known or new issue – and enable us to advise you accordingly:

  1. The error message in full. If possible, please include a screenshot of this.
  2. The title you are attempting to view.
  3. The method you are using to view ie. direct on your mobile device or laptop, via HDMI to your TV, casting from a device to your TV etc…
  4. The device/s you are using. If casting or using HDMI to connect one device to another, please name both. If this involves a mobile device or laptop please include make and model. Please also include the current operating system of your device ie. for Android devices, which Android version is it…. for Apple devices, which iOS version is it? Also what device are you casting to ie. Apple TV, Chromecast, Firestick etc…. The make and model of your TV will generally be less important, but please include this information if you have it to hand.
  5. Which web browser are you using on your casting from device? And what is the version number of that browser?