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If a title is buffering

If the video has started playing, but buffers at any stage please check the strength of your internet connection and if your signal is intermittent it may be best to re-start your internet hub. If you have identified that you have a continually weak signal and slow speeds, you can adjust the quality switcher in the controls to a level that works better with your connection at this time.

As a general rule, here are FIVE standard checks you should make to eliminate any unnecessary drains on your bandwidth before casting any videos:

  1. Close any open but unused tabs and windows on your device.
  2. Check nobody else in your household who is using the same wifi connection is streaming, casting or using other data-hungry activities such as downloading/uploading large files or online gaming.
  3. Ensure your casting from and casting to devices are connected to the same network.
  4. Check your current wifi signal strength.
  5. Make sure your devices is not currently engaged in a background activity like installing a software update.