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‘Not available to cast’ restrictions

A small number of titles may have a total block on certain casting methods. This has been determined by the distributor for their own reasons (such as security) and is beyond BAFTA’s control. Where this is the case, we have indicated it alongside the title eg. ‘Airplay not available’.

BAFTA View works by pulling in films from various different platforms, some external and some hosted by BAFTA itself, with each platform providing their own security restrictions such as DRMs and watermarking. Depending on the security requirements of each platform, some films may not work with your usual device due to technological limitations and incompatibilities. Some of the films available on BAFTA View for viewing are in pre-theatrical or theatrical release, so understandably there will be more security limitations surrounding them.

Whilst this can be frustrating, BAFTA needs to ensure that all content is provided in as secure a way as possible, as online platforms can be particularly vulnerable to attack, and so we have agreed to work with our partner distributors and platforms in this way. Please know that we try to enhance the user experience in any way we can where possible and we are constantly working on making the site more responsive, user friendly and intuitive in every way we can.

For the best overall experience of BAFTA View, we recommend using an up-to-date Mac or PC, and an updated browser, with Chrome, Safari and Firefox working the best across all our titles. We have enabled Chromecast and Airplay across most of our titles, including all titles on Electron, our in-house platform. In all other instances, HDMI should work well, provided you are using a HDCP compliant cable (as non-HDCP cables will be blocked by some platform DRMs).