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Using HDMI connection for a mobile device

If you do not have a laptop or other device with an HDMI output port, then – for Apple iOS users at least – you may be able to connect your mobile device to your TV via HDMI by using an HDMI adaptor. These adaptors have an input interface that will accept your mobile charging cable, and an HDMI output which you can then plug into the HDMI port on your TV. (Some models will have an in-built HDMI cable which will plug directly into your TV, while others will just after an HDMI output interface into which you need to plug a separate HDMI cable to connect onwards to your TV).

Research these adaptors carefully to find one which accepts your mobile charging cable, as there are plenty of variations available. For iOS users, the HDMI Lightning Adaptor is effective at connecting iPads and iPhones via HDMI to Smart TVs and transmitting video content. However, at the time of writing (December 2021), the same cannot be said for the equivalent adaptors for Android mobile users. Currently, these adaptors will transmit your Android mobile to your Smart TV – but with the exception of video content, which they are not rated to handle.

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