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What is casting?

‘Casting’ – wirelessly beaming content from one device to another – is a popular way to transmit BAFTA View titles that you have selected on a mobile device or laptop to your smart TV.

To cast, you will need a receiving device – such as Apple TV, Chromecast or Amazon Firestick – connected to your smart TV.

Devotees of casting enjoy the wireless convenience that it gives them – effectively using their mobile device as a remote controller from the comfort of their armchair.

However, the method is subject the inherent incompatabilities that exist between different hardware manufacturers, their native software and in some cases custom security settings that the content owners themselves may place on their titles which disable casting ability. At the time of writing (October 2021), titles hosted by 5th Kind, Disney and Vision Media will not be available to cast and you should use HDMI connection to transmit to your TV.

For this reason, BAFTA currently recommends HDMI cable connection as the most reliable method to transmit BAFTA View content from a separate device to your smart TV. Despite this, there are several casting combinations that we have found to be compatible and stable for titles hosted on BAFTA View’s native BitMovin player (which covers the majority of titles). For more details on this, please refer to the compatibility table in the article Casting Compatibility Summary.