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Enabling pop-ups

BAFTA View plays videos from all sources in a pop-up window. Therefore, if you have an active pop-up blocker in your browser you will need to disable it. It is important to remember that each browser you use will have its OWN pop-up blocker. So, if you alternate your use between more than one browser, you will need to disable pop-up blockers in EACH of them and not assume that having disabled them for one browser that it will apply across your entire device.

Conversely, some browsers may be set to block pop-ups by default. In these cases, you should adjust each of these to ensure they ENABLE pop-ups.

Also note that some browsers block or allow pop-ups by domain. If this is the case with your preferred browser, you should adjust it so that it will play content from our domain

See below guides on how to disable pop-up blockers / enable pop-ups for the most commonly used browsers:

Chrome: For Mac, PC, Android and iOS

Mozilla Firefox: For PC and Mac

Safari: For Mac

Mobile Safari: For iOS

Microsoft Edge: For PC

Similarly, if you use an ad-blocker, please ensure that is allowed and that your ad-blocker is not blocking pop ups for your browser.