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If a title will not play at all

Check you are connected to the internet – and if you are casting from one device to your TV, check that both devices are currently connected. If your internet connection is fine, please ensure you are running the latest version of the operating software on the device/s you are watching and download and install an update if not . Also, ensure you have disabled any pop-up blockers. All titles will play in a pop-up player, so any blocker you have will prevent you from viewing.

If casting from one device to your TV and your internet is connected with a strong signal and your software is updated, are you using one of the casting combinations recommended in our Casting Compatibility table? If not, please do so if available. Following these combinations should be successful for titles hosted by BAFTA View’s native BitMovin player, which historically covers the majority of titles.

However, some titles may be hosted by an external distributor’s own customised player. It is known that several of these block casting entirely from all devices. At the time of writing (October 2021), titles hosted by players owned by 5th Kind, Disney and Vision Media block all casting combinations.

If a title is hosted by one of these external players, we recommend using HDMI connection to transmit it to your TV.

If BAFTA View appears slow, or fails to load, this might because you need to clear the cookies or cache on your browser. The reason clearing cookies/cache can help, is due to browsers often storing versions of websites in the cache to avoid having to download everything (like images, backgrounds, logos, etc.) every time a website is visited. Problems can happen if the website has been updated recently and it conflicts with the cached version. Browser caches are temporary but some may store things for longer than others.

If you don’t clear your cache from time to time, you might not see changes on a website with your computer loading older, cached data. Old, unused extensions can also clutter up your browser, using your RAM and memory.

Clearing cookies/cache can also be called clearing site data or history data.  

To clear cookies/cache on Chrome:

To clear cookies/cache on Safari for Mac:

To clear cookies/cache on Safari for iPad/iPhone:

To clear cookies/cache on Mozilla Firefox:

To clear cookies/cache on Microsoft Edge:

To clear cookies/cache on Opera:

If you are still having problems or find that one title in particular won’t play while all the others do, contact