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If you can see a picture, but have no audio via HDMI

If you are using HDMI cable connection from a laptop to your smart TV and the picture is transmitted across to your TV but without audio, it is likely because the output device for your audio is stuck – by default – to your laptop. Some laptops will switch this automatically to your TV the moment you connect the HDMI cable. Others will expect you to do it manually. In the latter case, once you have connected your laptop to TV via HDMI, do the following:

  • Go to the Speaker icon on your laptop screen, where you usually control your volume. (Typically along the top on a Mac, along the bottom on a PC).


  • Click on it and  under the volume slider you should see a list under ‘Output Device’. If this is set to ‘Internal Speakers’ this will continue to play the audio via your laptop.
  • There also should be an option to underneath this which represents your TV. Click on that and the audio should now begin playing on your TV.


  • Right click on it and a list of options should appear.
  • Depending on the version or Windows you are running, click on the option ‘Open Sound Settings’ or similar.
  • A window will open for your Sound Settings. This will include an option to ‘Choose your output device’
  • From the dropdown here, it will currently be set to your laptop’s internal speakers. Switch it to your TV and the sound will begin playing on your TV