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What is BAFTA View?

BAFTA View is a web-based streaming platform, which hosts online content exclusively for members, to review for the BAFTA Awards.

Working with distributors, studios and production companies, BAFTA View allows members the opportunity to watch films or episodes of television and obtain access codes for games. The content is hosted on players, either on a third-party player, or on BAFTA’s own in-house player, Electron. With a stable internet connection, members can access BAFTA View from anywhere in the world via the web app or Amazon Fire TV Stick app.

Launched in 2020 exclusively for BAFTA members, BAFTA View makes every submitted title available for viewing during the Film Awards voting season. This levels the playing field in terms of exposure for each title, regardless of marketing budget.

As BAFTA View provides a content platform for distributors to stream their content hosted on different players, each player may have their own unique security features, such as DRMs and watermarking. However, BAFTA View allows members to access this content all in one place, using their existing login credentials.

In October 2022, we launched the Amazon Fire TV Stick app to enable members to watch content more easily on larger screens. As with the BAFTA View web app, the it hosts content on our in-house player, Electron, and various third-party players facilitated by entrants or distributors. The app is currently the most convenient way to access BAFTA View and watch films on a TV or projector.  

BAFTA View is in continued development. We conduct wide-ranging user surveys annually, which are vital to the ongoing development of BAFTA View. We also welcome ideas for future updates via