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What is BAFTA View?

BAFTA VIEW is a web-based portal designed to pull exclusive content from multiple sources, keeping their native security features in tact.

Created exclusively for BAFTA Members with a goal to make EVERY submitted title equally available to view during the Film Awards voting season – regardless of marketing budget or Member location – BAFTA View helps level the playing field of exposure for each title.

The architecture of BAFTA View was created to overcome the challenge presented by the fact that distributors of all of our submitted titles – be they the major studios or indies – host the digital versions of their titles across numerous different platforms (eg. Vimeo, 5th Kind or their own in-house platform), each of which have their own unique security features and require their own unique logins.

In order to equalise the user experience across all of these platforms and override the requirement to have a separate login for each, BAFTA View pulls all of the content into one central hub – requiring just the one simple login, which this the member’s existing login credentials.