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How to adjust the quality of a video

Videos which are hosted by BAFTA have incorporated a process called ‘Adaptive Streaming’ which adjusts the quality of the playback according to the strength of a user’s internet connection, to allow unbroken viewing and prevent buffering. This is denoted by the default ‘Auto’ setting in the quality selector. At all times, this Auto setting will play the film at the best available quality to ensure unbroken viewing.

Videos hosted by external platforms do not have this functionality but should still offer you the option to switch manually between quality levels if you prefer to do so in order to maintain uninterrupted viewing.

Likewise, you can also manually override the ‘Auto’ setting in BAFTA hosted videos to higher or lower at any time if you prefer.  For example, if you know you have connectivity or internet speed problems you might choose to reduce the quality to a lower level if this is preferable to you.